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Thursday, 26 June 2014

How time flies...

It's been a little while since I updated my blog and although there's tons of stuff to tell you, I thought I'd just put together a few highlights of the year so far and get it all into one post! (well try to)...

January was a really exciting month, great start to the year and one of the high points was getting to work with actor Ben Hull playing my husband in a piece for ITV's This Morning! We had two pretend kids (real humans but obviously not our kids) and the full on day of filming was a promo for a new film 'Turbo' with competitions and prizes. I am so used to being on camera and talking down the lens, being silent and having to act like the cameras weren't there, was really bizarre!
I love this screen shot! Ben shouting at the kids! 

My birthday in chilly January is always a tricky one to plan to do anything (weather permitting) so when my hubby Alex surprised me with a trip to the Royal Opera House to see the Royal Ballet performing The Nutcracker, and there was no snow preventing us from taking public transport, I was happy we could celebrate in the warm and with such beautiful performances.

February was a packed month with update plans for my New Authentic You website coming along nicely. I recorded the new video to feature on the website with NoStairway Media and I'm really happy with the simplicity of the message.

Promo photo in the studio by Rob Marshall
I love filming for New Authentic as it makes me feel so good, getting the message out there that if we love ourselves and live authentically, we can find peace, happiness, attract more of what we DO want and get clear about who we are in doing so. So much more coming soon in this part of my work life so will keep you posted on developments.

The other highlight of February was my Today's Special Value on QVC for the fabulous nail polish brand Perfect Formula. I have been working with the brand for about 3 years and I love what it does for my nails! The strengthening aspect is actually within the formula so although it instantly looks good cosmetically, it hardens and strengthens your nails to allow them to grow. This gel coat is the original way to get a thicker coating than nail polish on your nails but you don't need a UV light to set it and you can remove it with nail polish remover - easy peasy! This kit was amazing value with fabulous colours and it was fun using my friend, model Funda Onal as she is such a whizz at live application on air!

March and April were varied for me with voice overs and lots of QVC work but, as well as Perfect Formula Gel Coats, I was selling a new product just launched on the channel, a heat proof holster made from silicone for your hot hair styling tools! Genius little item and it did really well. The Hot Iron Holster will no doubt be back on screens soon.
My best friend moved house and I helped out with that, plus I started a meditation evening for clients struggling to relax and switch off. This received great feedback and has become a fortnightly event.

The benefits of mediation are endless. I love running my sessions for people who want to switch off and relax. I do a guided meditation usually based on a particular chakra colour. Heavenly.

May was a wonderful star studded month! Well the Fragrance Foundation Awards was anyway....
What a wonderful night, so many celebs turned up to celebrate the success of perfumes over the past year, think about it, fragrance is part of our personality, takes us back to a particular time in life - or person for that matter! Powerful stuff... our sense of smell.

Gorgeous Jodi Albert wearing an incredible dress! We sat together at dinner and she told me it was quite a construction! She was wearing Coco Chanel 'Mademoiselle' one of my favourite signature scents (I only have about 3 that I wear on rotation).

Fashion guru Brix Smith Start, so passionate about fragrance and mixing scents

What an honour to chat to such fashion royalty! Justine Southall, Marie Claire

My beautiful friend Zoe Hardman telling me she has resurrected her favourite 90's scent by Cerruti for summer! 

Richard E. Grant has launched his own fragrance called 'Jack' available only at Liberty or online at 

Nancy telling me she would be naked, but not without a perfume....

My gorgeous black dress was provided for me by Bernshaw, the beautiful ladies wear collection whose dresses cling to all the right places and allow our curves to be enhanced beautifully too. My first stop whenever I need red carpet glamour with seasonal suitability and of course an incredible, flattering shape.

June so far has been packed full of wonderful trips, make up, presenting work, hen-dos and it's not over yet!
I sold another fabulous new product on QVC called NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion, a kit you can use yourself and I know from having had salon treatments many times, this little wonder really is fab and works just as well! 

As I am also a make up artist, I get to travel to some wonderful places with my job! My husband Alex ( was shooting some editorials for various awesome magazines, I got to work on the Rogue Magazine editorial with supermodel Ryan Barrett @ryanbarrettUK. What an easy job, make up on a beautiful male model! In Ibiza, our spiritual home. Bliss. Oh and Alex was like a kid with a new toy, his waterproof housing for his camera! Loads of underwater shots and action in the waves in this shoot...


Amazingly we did manage to get a little bit of R&R just the two of us - on the day after the shoot, well it wouldn't be right going all that way and not soaking up some sun would it! 
On the experimental beach at Cap d'es Falco near Salines... beautiful views and live music by amazing singers and musicians. Miss Ibiza constantly!

This month also saw the girls of Roulette Nation reunited, presenters past and present, for Mel Peachey's hen do! 
It's rare and treasured that we can find friendships within our fickle TV industry but to be able to grow older together, celebrating marriages, babies and overall loving life, is a real privilege.
My angel BFF Anna Fowler!

 Beautiful bride-to-be Mel Peachey on the right with her two stunning cousins, Jade and Lisa (L-R)
Gorgeous mama-to-be Emma Lee! How lucky we are to all have each other and 'get' each other, we've been doing this TV lark for years and we're still standing! 

So that's it for now, updates will be more regular I promise, I didn't realise how much I would enjoy blogging and recalling fabulous events on this journey called life. I am grateful and humbled by everything that comes my way. Wishing you blessings of peace, happiness and love.

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