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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Brilliant job driving cars with boys!

Last week was so much fun working for Autotrader once again...
Presenting the Mini Cooper SD - what a rocket!
The filming was for Ignition, the new Autotrader app available on ipad and iphone and 5 different car manufacturing plants were visited in the UK. Mine was Plant Oxford for Mini....But I did get to visit the Morgan plant and have a go in the three wheeler with my producer!
Here's some pics of the action:

More amazing athletes to do makeup on!

Here is gymnast Max Whitlock.... behind the scenes
Trying on specs with stylist, Alicija x

Doing make-up on some amazing shoots!

I also love doing make-up and have done for years now, mainly for my husbands fashion editorials, must be my artistic side!
Here are some of the amazing guys we've shot recently for various publications, behind the scenes...
This is olympic boxer Luke Campbell....